Dallas Freelancers Union SPARK

Supporting freelancers, creatives, and independent contractors in all aspects of their career.



We spread knowledge to the freelance community on important topics through our monthly meetings and additional programs. We believe that an informed community is an empowered community. Each of our members has a unique skill to share with others. We offer interactive workshops and discussions to foster creativity and group problem solving for common freelancer topics.

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We stimulate change through our activism. With freelancers making up over 1/3 of the workforce, laws must evolve to protect our unique rights and situations. Freelancing isn’t free, and independent workers should be protected from non-payment.

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We connect you to the local community by partnering with businesses for your benefit. Freelancers Union is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Our Spark team relies on the generosity of the community to fuel our efforts to connect freelancers across DFW. Together, both Spark and our sponsors are boosted into the public eye with cross promotion and in-person meeting opportunities.

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We advocate for a healthy work/life balance and take an active interest in our members’ health and happiness. As leaders, we are available as an open ear for our members. We don’t promise to have all the answers, but we do promise to help guide or connect you to those who do.Continue the conversation online & see what we’re talking about.

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Dallas Freelancers Union SPARK Leadership Committee.

We are the face of Dallas Freelancers Union Spark leaders. Our goal is simple; bring freelancers together to encourage knowledge, community, growth, support, and friendship. We are independent workers, united.


Community Partners


Come hang out with us. 

We organize events to bring freelancers together in relaxed and engaging environments for fun and friendship. We don’t believe in fruitless trade-my-business-card-for-yours networking strategies. We believe in forming personal connections amongst independent workers to create a referral and support network.

Whether you’re deciding on pursuing a side hustle, already have started your own freelance business and need some guidance/support, or a 9-5 employee with a side hustle, our monthly meetings are set up for everyone to learn regardless of skill set and experience.

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