Freelancers across all industries encounter clients who go radio silent, promise
that the “check is in the mail,” and take over 90 days to pay. But it doesn’t have to
be this way.

On November 16, 2016, the first Freelance Isn’t Free act was signed into law in
New York City. Led by members of Freelancers Union and a coalition of allies,
the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign demonstrated that independent workers are a
powerful constituency capable of organizing for change.

Freelancers signed petitions, shared their stories, attended meetings and rallies,
testified at hearings, and pressured their legislators. Their efforts led to the
unanimous passage of the Freelance Isn’t Free law because it’s actually a really
simple issue: everybody should get paid for the work they do.

Our goal is to get freelancers everywhere paid on time and in full. This entire Freelancers Union is designed to: 
• Understand the issue of nonpayment and bring more awareness
• Learn about the Freelance Isn’t Free law
• Start organizing your community for change
Together, we can build a movement to ensure freelancers everywhere are
protected from nonpayment.

We are currently accepting submissions on non payment stories from local freelancers to publish on our blog. We will start publishing stories in November. If you’re interested in sharing a story (you do have the choice to share anonymously), click on the button below.