SPARK Leaders


Shawnee Leonard - Lead Organizer

Shawnee is a college student and creative professional living in Dallas, TX. She is a senior at the University of North Texas at Dallas & will graduate in May 2019 with a BAAS with concentrations in Hospitality Management and Communication & Technology. She also graduated from El Centro College with an AAS in Fashion Marketing with certificates in Visual Merchandising Assistant and Wholesale & Manufacturing Sales Representative. Shawnee is currently working with Launch DFW as their Marketing Manager, Editor in Chief of Moxie Brides Magazine, and more. When Shawnee is not being the type A, INTJ perfectionist, her life consists of going out to Deep Ellum, hanging out at local coffee shops, writing, and indulging in moscow mules (specifically the $4 ones at Frankie’s Bar and Grill Happy Hour).

Jeanette Smith

Jeanette Smith - Community Lead

Jeanette is a freelance writer, editor, and author living in Carrollton, TX. She drank the academic kool-aid at Smith College before shirking all responsibility and becoming a scuba diving instructor for six years. Now that she has come to her senses, she provides ghost-blogging services, editing for business, academic, and literary works, and coaches first-time novelists on taking their book from a concept to a completed manuscript.
She is the editor of a career exploration guide available on Amazon and has been published in Podiatry Management Magazine (your favorite, I know). She also makes a lot of dad jokes and supports the oxford comma. You can visit her #WordyWednesday blog for a mid-week grammar fact or look at pictures of her cats on Instagram and Facebook.

Christian Ohonba

Christian Ohonba - Curriculum Lead

Christian Ohonba is a corporate trainer/consultant that helps companies create outstanding employee experiences. In her 8 years in the corporate jungle, she has partnered with a variety of clients in crafting an image that matches their goals.
During Christian’s college years, she found her love for fashion and beauty. A self-taught makeup artist, entrepreneurship has always been in her sights. She coupled her love of beauty and philanthropy by spearheading an on-campus organization that provided professional clothing to students and those who were affected by the recession. Even at an early age, she understood how powerful image played a part in one’s success.
In her free time, you will find her scaling the racks at her favorite shops, reading about entrepreneurship or having a festive time at a beauty counter.

Kelli Kosel

Kelli Kosel - Marketing Lead

Kelli Kosel is a full-time designer for a marketing company and part-time freelance designer (Kosel Designs) located in Addison, TX. She graduated with a BFA in Design from Texas Women's University. When not working she is probably weight lifting, gaming, creating DIY projects, and attending conventions. You can find Kelli on Instagram @koseldesigns.

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Camille Bowens - Public Relations

Camille Bowens is a coffee enthusiast, a dog fanatic, a perpetual online-shopper, and the daughter of her parents dreams. When she’s not food-ing her way around Dallas, you can usually catch her taking a nap in various, inappropriate places. She apologizes in advance for correcting your grammar; it’s only done out of love.