Capital Factory to Host Free Monthly Freelancers Union Meetups In Dallas


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ATTN Freelancers: Capital Factory to Host Free Monthly Freelancers Union Meetups In Dallas

(Dallas, June 4) -- Freelancers Union is officially launching its Dallas chapter, Spark Dallas, to serve the growing DFW freelance community. Spearheaded by local Dallas and Fort Worth freelancers, Spark Dallas will host a free monthly meetup at Capital Factory in Downtown Dallas to equip independent workers to thrive in the DFW area. The very first interest meeting will be at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

Freelancers Union is a national nonprofit that “promotes the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services.” The organization’s regional initiatives, known as “Spark” groups, are centered on connecting local freelancers to business resources and information in their cities.

Our monthly Spark Dallas meetings are meant to create networking opportunities between freelancers and foster meaningful discussion about the rights and benefits available to independent workers. Every month we will share actionable insights about the best practices for thriving as a DFW freelancer.

Shawnee Leonard, the Spark Dallas Leader, says “I’m really excited to establish an extension of Freelancers Union in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and to be leading a group of enthusiastic freelancers who have been helping me put everything together. The goal is to cultivate a community here and develop more of a consistent presence in the local startup scene.”

The Spark Dallas meetings are open to anyone interested in the freelance economy. Veteran freelancers and beginners alike are invited to attend, participate, learn, and grow while connecting with local project opportunities. Recent grads and 9-to-5ers who are interested in exploring self-employment are encouraged to join.

Capital Factory, a hub for Texas entrepreneurship and innovation, volunteered to host the monthly event at its new downtown Dallas office to show their support for small businesses and independent workers. Catherine Taylor, the Events Director at Capital Factory, writes “Capital Factory is SUPER pumped to host Freelancers Union Spark Dallas/Fort Worth! Come on out and make connections and tour of the BRAND NEW space in Dallas!”

To stay up to date about the launch, as well as future Spark Dallas meetings, find us on social media:
Facebook: @dallasfreelancersunionspark
Twitter: @sparkdtx
Instagram: @sparkdtx
LinkedIn: Dallas Freelancers Union Spark


About Freelancers Union
Freelancers Union is the largest and fast-growing organization representing the 57 million independent workers across the country. We give our 375,000+ members a powerful voice through policy advocacy, benefits, and community. Membership is free and open to freelancers of all kinds, from graphic designers to contractors to entrepreneurs to moonlighters. Freelancers Union was founded by Sara Horowitz in 1995. In 2008, we launched Freelancers Insurance Company, the first portable benefits model for freelancers, providing independent workers with high-quality, affordable, and portable health insurance. The union’s National Benefits Platform, launched in 2014, helps freelancers across America access benefits, including retirement, life, liability, dental, and disability insurance. Since its founding, Freelancers Union has fought for and won protections for freelance workers, including Unincorporated Business Tax reform and successfully advocating for new models for healthcare. In 2016, Freelancers Union led a victorious campaign to enact first-of-its kind legislation in New York City giving freelancers unprecedented protections from non payment. Caitlin Pearce was named Executive Director in 2018.

SPARK is the community aspect of Freelancers Union and the local hub for freelancers to connect with one another and help cultivate a freelancer community in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We host monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of every month for freelancers to discuss various topics such as starting a freelance business, growing a current freelance business pricing, taxes, legal stuff, and more!

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